Karate Classes

At STKA, both men and women are welcome to join and train with us to improve their physical fitness, self-defence and karate skills or simply to gain in personal confidence. Junior students can start to train with us from around 12 years of age. Most of our classes are general training sessions, where adults and juniors train at the same time. Members at our karate dojos train two nights a week and sometimes go to the local park or beach for weekend morning sessions.

It is important to note that we are a Budo karate association focusing on traditional karate practices and practical self-defence. Although our members do sometimes participate and have had noted success in competitions, we do not focus on competition or Sports Karate.

 Check out our range of karate classes

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Basics & Kata

Students learn only the best basics and kata from experienced and professional instructors.

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Sparring & Self Defense

Students will also learn practical sparring techniques and effective self-defence.

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Weapons Training

At STKA, higher graded students have the option to study and learn a variety of weapons.

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Advanced Classes

Senior members receive regular advanced training, instructor training and professional development.