Our instructors are highly qualified and STKA has earned a reputation for teaching to a very high standard. 

Portrait_David 03.png

Sensei David

Godan - 5th dan black belt (over 35 years experience)

David began his martial arts training in NZ starting with Taekwondo and then switched to the Chidokan Karate Association. He then moved to Australia in 1985, training with SKAA under Sensei Frank Novak. The association then changed to SKIA under the direction of Master Kanazawa SKIF. David has also been associated with the KUA, AKF, AFTK and has experience in other martial arts styles. He is now the Chief Instructor for STKA based at the Gympie Dojo.

David has a broad knowledge and enthusiasm in the areas of kata, bunkai, self defence and Bushi weapons training.

Portrait_Steve 02.png

Sensei Steve

Yondan - 4th dan black belt (over 45 years experience)

Steve is currently the Senior Instructor for the Gold Coast Dojo. He began his karate training in 1973 studying under instructors such as Sensei Serge Ermoll, Frank and Kora Nowak, as well as Brian Cox and Zivco Delevski (SKIA). Steve has been training with David Portanger under SKIA and now STKA for over 23 years and received his Yondan (4th Dan) black belt under Sensei Kanazawa (SKIF) in 2009.

Steve has an emphasis on good basics, relaxed natural movement and effective technique.


Sensei Greg

Nidan - 2nd dan black belt (over 12 years experience)

Greg started his training with Sensei Graham Keleher’s Seidokan dojo in 1973, now known as the Australian Academy of Martial Arts (AAMA). During this time Greg also competed in several local kumite and kata competitions. After around six years of training at AAMA, Greg put his karate on hold to pursue other sporting ambitions. In 2012, he reconnected with Shotokan karate by joining STKA and has steadily progressed to achieve his Nidan (2nd Dan) black belt, grading in December 2017. Greg is now an Instructor at the Gold Coast Dojo.

Greg has a keen interest in the technical aspects of Shotokan karate-do and also the spirit of Budo.


Sensei Adam

Nidan - 2nd dan black belt

Adam first started karate training in the 90's and holds a Nidan black belt through Shotokan Karate International Australia (SKIA). In 2010, He opened STKA’s second dojo in Theodore in which he taught mostly junior students. Adam is now based in Gympie and will be assisting as an Instructor at the newly established Gympie Dojo.

Adam has experience in self defence and weapons training.